Blessing Behind Blocked Tubes

When I met my husband, it was love at first sight.  We went from giving each other eyes in the breakroom,  to husband and wife...real quick. While everything happened fast, it never felt rushed.  I had (and still) have no doubt that this is the man God saved just for me. We both knew we … Continue reading Blessing Behind Blocked Tubes

I Am Somebody’s and My Own

I seen a quote that really resonated with me "I can be somebody's and still my own. How many times have we been asked to describe our selves and we open with "I'm......, a ( inserts career) I'm a mother of......" While all these things are an important part of us and in a way … Continue reading I Am Somebody’s and My Own

Day 1

Happy New Year! I had no idea when I started this journey with Twisted Crown last year  that my life would take some of the turns it has. I have to admit the end of 2018 hit me like a ton of bricks, but I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  Sometimes the things we … Continue reading Day 1